Friday, 8 July 2016

Fake Tanning on A Budget

Budget Self Tanning

So we are well into July and most of us are hoping for some sunny summer weekends or are planning a summer holiday. If not you might have a wedding, party or summer event coming up and you may be looking for a fool proof fake tan that doesn't break the bank. Well never you fear my lovelies I've got you covered with today's post on fake tanning on a budget. Now I still love the Skinny Tan and the Baby B Browne Fake Tan and still highly recommend them both but sometimes you unexpectedly run out of Fake Tan or you just don't fancy spending £20. In those cases I turn to this little can of Fake Tannning Mousse which is so easy to use and gives a golden glow that looks far from cheap or orange.  The St Moritz Fast Self Tanning Foam is pretty much a dupe for the St Tropez Bronzing Mousse and works in exactly the same way. So you give the can a good old shake, pop on your self tanning mitt, spray the foam onto the mitt (don't spray onto the skin if you're not quick enough rubbing it in you'll get a patchy application) and rub into the area you want to bronze in circular motions. The mousse isn't an instant tan like the Rimmel Sun Shimmer but it is instantly coloured so you can see where you've applied it. Now here's the great part.. you can choose how dark you want it with just the one can. So rather than buying one for when you want a light tan and one for when you want a dark tan, or a different one for your legs and face for example you can do it all with one can. With the St Moritz Fast Self Tanning Mousse the longer you leave it on, the darker it develops.

St Moritz Fake Tan Mousse

So for a light tan just leave it on for 1 hour and lightly rinse off in the shower (no soaps or scrubbing), for a light to medium tan leave it 2 hours, a medium tan 3 hours and a dark tan 4 hours or even overnight. I tend to leave it on overnight and to be honest I don't think even that gives you a dark tan even on my fair skin. It does however build beautifully to a darker tan, so if you make sure to exfoliate before reapplying you can get JLo's golden glow in no time. Now the one thing I hate about cheaper tanning products is the smell. They often have a really chemically scent which is pretty unpleasant to say the least, luckily this one is pretty much unscented.... winner.

Velvotan Tanning Mitt

So now we've got you sorted with your Budget Fake Tan Mousse, told you how to use it and how long to leave it on for, you need something to apply it with. That something, in my humble opinion should always be a Tanning Mitt and for £1 you really can't beat the Velvotan tanning Mitts. OK yes I've used more flexible, softer ones but for a quid these are pretty fantastic. Plus look at the cute flamingoes on the packaging and you get a free mini face tanning mitt too... what more could you want? Well actually one more thing.. an exfoliating glove. If you want to maintain your bronzed goddess look then an exfoliating glove will be your best friend. "But won't that scrub off my tan?" you say.. well yes and no. By using an exfoliating glove in the shower or bath in between tans you're removing the dead surface skin cells and dry skin, these are the 2 things which make fake tans patchy. By getting rid of the dead cells you've got a clear and clean surface ready for toppping up. If you don't exfoliate inbetween fake tan applications you'll end up with tan sat ontop of dead cells which will go patchy, flaky and stick to your knees, elbows and ankles. Not a good look my lovelies.

So to round things up for you, here's my top tips for fake tanning:

  1. Never Shave just before applying tan, it opens the pores which your tan will sit in causing a spotty application
  2. Always exfoliate between applications, much easier with a 99p exfoliating glove
  3. Always use a mitt to avoid getting fake tan on your palms
  4. Always moisturise your knees, ankles and elbows to stop the tan clinging to dry skin
  5. Never apply tan directly to your hands and feet, use the excess from tanning another area and really buff it in
  6. Always use circular motions to avoid streaking
Hope you guys found this post useful and don't forget if you make a mistake it's only fake tan, it'll wash off.

Happy Tanning




P.S I bought my St Moritz (£2.99), Velvotan Mitt (£1) and exfoliating gloves (99p) from B&M and they are all available in most budget high street shops like Wilkos. 


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