Friday, 22 July 2016

Cheap Makeup Storage

Cheap makeup storage acrylic storage

Hello Lovelies! Hope you're all soaking up the sunshine and making the most of this fabulous heatwave we are having. Today we are talking Makeup Storage Solutions but not just any makeup storage solutions...super cheap makeup storage solutions. If you've read my blog for a while you'll know I love a bargain buy and I hate paying over the odds for anything. Anything that is going to save me money I am up for so I have been hunting round for a good while to get the right makeup storage at the right price and I am pretty much there. Just to give you some background, I have a White IKEA Desk / Dresser which cost me £65 and was super easy to assemble! My Ikea desk  used to fit nearly all my makeup in it across the 2 drawers with my skincare and haircare ect in baskets on top. Earlier this year however my boyfriend moved in and I had to give up one of my drawers. This mean't the hunt began for budget friendly makeup storage.

Firstly where to store my large collection of Makeup Brushes? I knew I wanted pots to put on top of my desk and I knew I wanted white or copper.  I hunted for ages looking at cups, vases and even jam jars then on a random trip to I IKEA I spotted these. They are actually white metal flowerpots but you'd never know becaue they look they are made just to store my lovely brushes. The IKEA SKURAR Flowerpots are only £3 each and they hold loads of makeup brushes. I have 2 of them fo makeup brushes pots, one for eyemakeup brushes and one for face makeup brushes. How did I ever live without them?

cheap makeup storage acrylic lipstick holder

Next up where to store my growing collection of lipsticks? It was over to Amazon UK to hunt down some cheap acrylic makeup storage for this one. I found this super cheap little acrylic 24 lipstick holder which was only £2.87 including delivery... absolute bargain! The only problem is that is doen't hold my Tom Ford lipsticks are the square's aren't quite big enough and they get stuck but MAC Lipsticks, Charlotte Tilbury, YSL Lipsticks.. no problem.

Cheap Makeup Storage acrylic drawers

I also wanted a similar acrylic storage to hold my Liquid Lipsticks and Lipglosses. I found these super cute little acrylic drawers for less than £9 and they are great! They are pretty wide but not very deep so if you have a lot of long liquid lipsticks like Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks you may struggle with this one and may need something a bit bigger. Overall I really like the Acrylic makeup storage, easy to see what you've got and to find things plus it just wipes over.

cheap makeup storage NARS tin

I bought a set of Andy Warhol NARS Lipglosses to break up for Christmas presents last year and they came in this super cute tin so this I use for my eye, brow and lip pencils... pretty much free. The Makeup Bag was a present from my BF this Valentine's and it says "I have way too much Makeup.. said no one ever" I love it and it's from The Dottyhouse! It keeps all my liquid and gel liners and cream eyeshadows in it as it keeps them cool and stops them drying out. 

As for my eyeshadow palettes, blushes, highlighters, foundations, concealers, primers and bronzers they are all currently in my remaining drawer but it's getting a little crowded in there now.. so I'm still on the hunt for yet more perfect makeup storage solutions. My Skincare and Haircare are on my window sill in cute little plastic baskets from Tesco. 

So there you have it ... my makeup cheap makeup storage. Well so far anyway as a makeup hoarder like me will always need more! I'd love to see your suggestions for storage lovelies, leave me links in the comments. 






  1. I love finding makeup storage at Ikea! Those flower pot holders are amazing and so affordable!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

  2. Great post! I have the flower pots for my brushes and love them :) I need to get some acrylic lipstick holders for my lipstick drawer because it's getting out of hand so these seem great because they're so cheap! Did they come from China? Just wondering how long the postage took? Xx

    Liv |


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