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10 things to binge watch on Netflix

Mashable things to binge watch on Netflix

I'm a huge fan of Netflix, we have a somewhat complex relationship. Netflix gives me laughs when I'm sad, calms me with the soothing tones of David Attenborough, enlightens me with documentaries and has me on the edge of my seat with American intrigue. It also gives me palpitations and makes me angry waiting for the next episode of PLL or the new season of OITNB not to mention makes me knackered from being up all night glued to my TV. Netflix is with me always, on my iPhone, on my iPad on my laptop.. It even entertains my 6 year old in times of need. I am a Netflix connoisseur and for this reason I recently bought smart TVs and broke off my relationship with SKY. For a tiny monthly fee Netflix is a world of imagination and thrill down my internet cable or through my WIFI and I'm wondering how I ever lived without it?? 

But I'm not greedy, I'll share my Netflix with you.. Not literally but you know what I mean! Here's my top ten TV programmes to binge watch on Netflix. Be warned though you may lose whole weekends to some of them. 

In No particular order.... 

Pretty Little Liars Netflix

Pretty Little Liars is way more than teen fodder, based on the books by Sara Shepard this gritty TV show follows the lives of 5 girls from Rosewood as they are tortured and isolated by the devious deeds the mysterious A after one of the 5 goes missing. I won't give too much away but you'll obssesed with discovering who A is and what they want with the Liars. With Lucy Hale as Aria, Ashley Benson as Hannah, Troian Bellisario as Spencer, Shay Mitchell as Emily. There's 6 seasons of PPL you can binge watch now with the 7th running as we speak and new episodes available weekly.

House TV Show Hugh Laurie

House isn't your typical medical drama, with new unusual cases every week famous diagnostician House and his team are against the clock to save their patient before it's too late. But it's not the patient's that is the most interesting thing about this US TV Show, it's House himself. Played by Brit actor and comedian Hugh Laurie, he's an egomanic, potentially dangerous, pain addicted genius who it seems wants everyone around him to suffer just like he is. Hugh Laurie is pretty amazing in this and somehow manages to make you love House despite of everything. You can find all 8 seasons on Netflix now and you may just fall in love with Chase too, played by Jesse Spencer (yep Billy Kennedy from Neighbours).

Derek Netflix Ricky Gervais

Derek is my cheer me up programme and I wish our world had more Derek's in it. Written and directed by Ricky Gervais who also plays the title part, this british sitcom follows Derek's life at Broad Hill care home where he works. Similar in style to The Office and filmed like a documentary this heart-warming comedy will make you fall in love with Derek and hopefully take up his mantra that "Kindness is magic". It's definitely not all gushing though, you''ll laugh til you cry at Derek's antics with Dougie (played by Karl Pilkington) and Kev the drunk who isn't a resident but just loiters anyway. Well worth a watch! You may also want to read My Lesson from Kev post too.

Orange is the new black netflix

Orange Is The New Black you will deifnitely have heard of. Now in its 4th Season OITNB exposes the exploits of the female inmates of Lichfield. Drugs, sex, gangs, murders and more this gripping drama has it all but it's far from dark, its surprisingly light and funny... well mostly. Follow Piper as she navigates life inside after admitting to getting caught up in a drug ring 10 years earlier. Far from a hardened criminal will prison change this pretty, well-educated girl? It's not all about Piper though, creator Jenji Kohan gives you some great insights with flashback stories on most of the Lichfield inmates too, you'll be surprised who you end up liking.

Yellowstone Netflix

Yellowstone isn't a typical pick for this kind of a post, but it really is spectactular watching. I remember watching this on the BBC when it was first released in 2009, so I was made up when I spotted it on Netflix. Narrated by Peter Firth, following a whole year in Yellowstone National Park in the Rocky Mountains with 4 episodes one for each season. It's an incredible never before seen look at the amazing wildlife and the constant struggle for survival particularly through the 40 below Yellowstone winter. If you are a fan of Attenborough and beautifully captured wildlife photography then you'll love this.

House of Cards Netflix

House of Cards see's quite simply the best TV husband and wife pairing I have EVER seen. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are quite simply mesmerising in this political drama. The sparring between them as Frank Underwood (Spacey) ascends through congress with the help of his cunning wife Claire (Wright) is some of the best acting I have ever seen. Dark, barefaced, shameless, coniving and calculating the Underwoods will do anything to advance thier political careers trampling anyone who gets in thier way. If you like The West Wing you'll love this.

Death In paradise Netflix

Death In Paradise is pretty much Midsomer Murders in the Caribbean. With a British detective sent to fictional St Moritz to run the police department, you'll find yourself becoming a super sleuth as you watch Ben Miller as Det Richard Poole and in later series Kris Marshall as Det Humprey Goodman acclimatise to the Carribean way whilst catching that weeks murderer.

Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is a historical crime drama masterpiece. Set in the early 20th century after World War I, follow the The Shelby family or Peaky Blinders first take over Birmingham then the South East. Starring the steely blue eyed Cillian Murphy it's dirty drama with gambling, guns, violence and Romani tradition.

That 70's Show Netflix

That 70's Show is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine, where Mila Kunis first met Ashton Kutcher and a show I watched religiously as a teenager. Downtrodden Eric Foreman and his gang of odd ball mates get high, annoy his dad, fall in love and will give you some serious style pointers for the 70's fashion which has been everywhere the last couple of years. If you like Big Bang Theory you should give this a watch for sure... groovy!

Whitechapel Netflix

Whitechapel may be last on the list but it's certainly not least. You'll be on the edge of your seat as you spend 3 episodes per case chasing killers with DI Chandler, DS Miles and Ed Buchan the Ripperologist. It all starts with a copycat Jack The Ripper terrorising Whitechapel, they know how the story ends, history tells them so but can they catch the NEW Ripper before it does? There's some great interplay between new kid on the block Chandler and old dog Miles particularly when Chandler brings Ripper Tour guide Buchan in for help. If you like ITV / BBC Crime Drama's then you will love this and Rupert Penry-Jones who plays DI Chandler is alright to look at too.

So there you have it.. my top picks for you to binge watch on Netflix... what do you recommend?






  1. I love Pretty Little Liars and OITNB! So I will definitely be checking out some of your other suggestions :) I've just finished the first season of Jane the Virgin and that's fantastic - as is Gossip Girl! x

    Liv | Ramblings of a Makeup Lover

    1. Gossip girl almost made the list... I'll take a peek at Jane The Virgin xx

  2. Once I booted the Blu Ray player it had some trouble finding the network when I went to the Netflix option in the root menu.American netflix


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