Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Instagram Accounts you should be following

Hey Lovelies! Hope you're having a fab week so far... today I'm sharing the love on PLT and giving shoutouts to my fave IG accounts. There's a great mix of bloggers, celebs, YouTubers in this list and I love them all. If you are an Instagram Addict like me then I urge you to pop over to Instagram now and give them a follow. 


First up, it's Kirsty fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger at Fashion For Lunch. 
This girlie has got some serious style and I absolutely love how bright and beautiful her IG is. If you love bright, bold and super pretty themes then go follow her now HERE. 

Next up it's beauty blogger Beti from MakeUp Sessions. 
If you love a marble flat lay with a fantastic mix of drugstore and high=end beauty then this girl will give you some serious feels. Go get your marble fix by following her HERE


Erika from Retro Flame is 3rd on my list, this girl is just soooo pretty! Travel, Fashion and Lifestyle YouTuber Erika has the life I want.. lives in New York, has amazing style and always looks chic. Go get some #Lifegoals by following her HERE. P.s you can also check out her YT too.  


One of only a few celeb accounts it's fashion designer extraordinaire Marc Jacobs. What I love about Marc's IG account is that it's fun and playful and shows his personalty. Its not a boring brand account, it's him. Unedited, unpolished and in all his fabulous glory. Perfection! You can follow Marc Jacobs HERE and go give his dog Neville Jacobs a follow too.. yep he has his own super cute account! 


Rosie Londoner is next up and man does this girlie make me jealous. British lifestyle blogger Rosie has got the charmed lifestyle blogger insta down. If you love a mix of Brit style and far flung destinations then go follow Rosie HERE.


I am pretty new to American Style Blogger Natalie Folchi's IG but I instantly fell in love with it. With a great mix of OOTD shots and some gorgeous location pics it's definitely worth a peek. You can go follow her HERE and check out her blog here.


Another pretty new account to me is Ashleynstyle, personal shopper, stylist and fashion blogger from Houston Ashley is as you would expect always "put together". With all her posts perfectly spaced this is a properly curated IG account with a mix of lovely candid style shots and some lovely foodie and travel bits. You can find her HERE.


Quite possibly the most stylih family photo album ever, the Amberfillerup account is most definitely #familygoals and #relationshipgoals.  This barefoot blonde (thats her blog) has got a family that just stepped out of the pages of a magazine. She's a stunner, he fella is hot and her kids are just frickin adorable. Go follow her and daydream HERE.


If you are a fan of a bright white background with bold colours and a killer flat lay then my next fave pintsizedphoto is a must have to follow. Lily is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger who should definitely have way more followers than she's got. You can tell this girlie works super hard on her photography and it really shows. Go follow her now HERE and check out her blog too.


Patricia is next up, a style blogger that I would love to swop wardrobes with.. actually i'd quite like to swop bodies with her.. she's so pretty! I love her laid back yet chic style plus she has amazing brows. If you're looking for outfit inspo from a girl who does off duty model so well so check her out.. plus she uses LiketoKnow so you can shop her outfits too. Find Patricia's IG HERE.


Last but not least it's Aussie stunner Ashley. Sydney based fashion, lifestyle and food blogger this girlie has got a grey themed, cool toned IG down to a tee. If you love a Pinterest worthy white bed linen and breakfast in bed shot or a distressed denim with duster OOTD you should get over to her account now. Find Ashley's account HERE.

SO there you have it my lovelies, my favourite Instagram accounts that brighten up my feed and totally inspire me. 11 accounts from all over the world that make me daydream, motivate me, make me rush to buy things and put a smile on my face daily. So here's where you get involved.. who / what are you favourite Instagram accounts??? Leave me a comment so I can check them out and if you want to follow me on Instagram .. you can fine me HERE.






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