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Skinny Tan Review - Gradual Tan

Hello lovelies! 

I'll start this post with an anecdote to set the scene.. Imagine me at 20 out of hospital 2 days (gall stones) and looking forward to my 21st birthday, I've planned a big party, bought a gorgeous new dress, new shoes, had my hair done and lost weight but noooo I've been in hospital and I'm paler than pale! I need a tan quick.. So I run to Boots and grab a cheap self tan..phew! The night before the party being organised I decide to tan so I whip out the Boots purchase and lather myself hoping to wake up with a "week in the sun" glow. The following morning I woke up looking like a melting oompah lumpah!! NOOOOO!! I spent 2 hours scrubbing it off.. And cried at my party because I was still streaky after re-applying! 21st birthday RUINED!! That was the last time I fake tanned... I'm now 27.. Time to try it again?? 

A couple of weeks ago I spotted a tweet by one of Skinny Tan's Owners Lou asking for bloggers to test their products.. I was intrigued.. What was this miracle tan that would make me skinny? So I replied and they asked me which products I wanted to test.. They all looked so good Tan & Tone, Tan & Glow, 24 hour Bronzer.. hmmmm I decided to ease back into fake tan with their Gradual Tan. I was super excited every time the postman came because I'd done a bit of snooping on the website, YouTube and researched ECO-CERT which I had never heard of and........ it looked fantastic! plus the business is backed by Dragons Den's very own Kelly Hoppen & Piers Linney (if they're in so am I).

So here's what the postman brought me from down under! 

Skinny Tan Review
Skinny Tan Review

So far so good :) lovely packaging and two lovely application mitts made of velvet no less! The mini one is for face and small areas not kids haha! So what's this ECO-CERT? I know for most of you the ECO-CERT is important the tanning active in skinny tan is certified which means they look for ...

The absence of 
  • GMO
  • Parabens
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Nanoparticles
  • silicon
  • PEG
  • synthetic perfumes and dyes
  • animal-derived ingredients (unless naturally produced by them:milk, honey ect)

The Biodegradable, recyclable nature of the packaging

So you know that you aren't getting the normal self tan chemicals in fact you can tell straight away.. No fishy chemical smell! Here's a list off the website for you of the Active Ingredients..

Skinny Tan review

The application

Ahhh the tough bit, how does it go on, is it easy to use, will I be going to bed panicking about patches. No no no .. It has the consistency of a body butter so it's quite thick and a little goes a long way (50p size did one whole leg), it doesn't soak straight in so you can see where you have been but it also doesn't take ages and doesn't leave the oily residue of some tans. All good so far! 

The Price

If you're comparing Skinny Tan to the rest of the market based purely on it being a gradual tan product it is mid price range.. 

Loreal Sublime Bronze Gradual Tan £4.66
St-Tropez Gradual Tan £14.30 
Clarins Self Tanning Body Lotion £29.50 

BUT it's not just that... It's a cellulite cream too 

Jergen's skin firming £4.99
Decleor Aroma Sculpt £14 
Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control £39

If you are looking mid price range now.. That is £28.30 for both well Skinny Tan Gradual Tan is only £19.99! I actually think it performs better than some premium brands I have tried so you could be saving over £48 if you think if it that way?? 

The Results

Skinny Tan Review

Skinny Tan Review

Please note these images really don't do this product justice! My mum has asked for it for Mothers Day as she is so impressed with mine!

The Verdict

Skinny Tan won't make you drop a dress size literally but by gosh does it look like you have! OK yes  everyone looks better with a tan but this isn't just self tan! Oh no! It's also cellulite cream :) yes my cellulite has improved through using Shiseido but what if there was something which could combine the two.. Tanning and Anti-cellulite .. WOO HOO! Skinny Tan most definitely does the job, the pictures speak for themselves.

I've had lots of lovely comments on my Bondi Beach worthy tan.. I might even get my pins out early this year in celebration and because my orange peel is dramatically better I might even don a mini skirt! Ladies and fellas you need to get this tan! I've seen soooo many self tan Selfies of girls on Twitter and Instagram with radioactive style glows that make Barbie look natural and Skinny Tan knocks them all out of park! Not only does it look better but it smells devine.. Mmmmm coconuts, you get the tools for the job (full size and mini mitt) which make it idiot proof, it saves you money as you don't need a separate cellulite gel and finally you don't smell like a fish market because your body isn't covered in chemicals! 

You can't buy Skinny Tan* in the shops yet as it's new to the UK market, I'm sure it won't be long til it's all over the high street though.. Buy it online and you'll also get the 30 day money back guarantee that's how confident they are you'll love it! And so am I for that matter! 

Happy tanning my lovelies! 

Love Lucy 


*Skinny Tan very kindly sent me this product to try however my review is my honest opinion please see my PR disclaimer, my readers are more important than free stuff! 


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